Important FreeBSD (FreeBSD Basic)

This is only for newbie like me.. In FreeBSD we will often find some file like this :
1. /etc/rc.conf
this file contain startup service for freebsd. so if we turn on the system we don’t need to start a service manually. for example contain is :

ifconfig_re0="inet  netmask"

so we don’t to configure ip & gw. and apache, mysql, and ssh automatic running without manually start.
It’s very importan to add manually if we finished install application.
2. /etc/make.conf

make.conf is a good place to store variables that the ports use so that you do not have to define them in the command line everytime you install a port that uses one. one of variables that we can add in this file is :


the means of variables is we want to directing fetch if we want to install application 3rd party throug PORTS (/usr/ports/xxx/xxx)

3. /usr/ports

this directory contain much program which want to install. for example if we want to install apache

whereis apache22

cd /usr/ports/www/apache22

make config

make install clean

4. /usr/locat/etc/rc.d

Scripts ending in sh are run at start up if they are in this directory. To manually start or stop a program you can go here to do so. example if we want manually start apache just type this :

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/apache22 start


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